Jak dba膰 o meble rattanowe? Czyszczenie i konserwacja mebli z rattanu naturalnego

What is rattan?
Rattan is a material that is obtained from rattan palms. They are found in Southeast Asia. Its exploitation does not adversely affect the environment, thanks to the fact that the regulations on obtaining rattan from sustainable cultivation have been tightened. Rattan's properties, such as resilience and flexibility, enable the production of eco-friendly furniture with interesting shapes - armchairs, deckchairs, and chairs.

Advantages of rattan

Natural rattan furniture has a number of advantages, which is why it is so eagerly bought. Among them, the following can be distinguished:

  • High aesthetics - woven rattan furniture is a stylish solution that is also very universal and fits interiors decorated in various styles;
  • Lightweight - natural rattan furniture is extremely light, it can also be easily carried by children or the elderly;
  • Many models to choose from - currently there are many interesting models of rattan furniture, which means that almost everyone can find something suitable for themselves.

How to clean rattan furniture?
Many people wonder how to clean rattan furniture. First of all, we should remember to do it regularly. It is best to use a dry flannel cloth, and if the dirt is intense, use lukewarm water with the addition of citric acid. An important point - rattan is sensitive to water, so we need to wring out the cloth properly before we start wiping the furniture with it. When we are dealing with dried plants or more dirt, special preparations can be used. However, let's not forget to check whether a given measure does not damage the surface of rattan furniture. On the other hand, it is worth vacuuming furniture once every two weeks, using a vacuum cleaner with a narrow tip or a rice brush.

How to protect rattan furniture?
How to protect rattan furniture from dust? A cover will be an excellent solution here. You can also cover the furniture on the terrace with it because these types of covers are waterproof. If the rattan furniture is outdoors, remember to put it under a roof. In this way, we will protect them against unfavorable weather conditions, such as rain.

Maintenance of rattan furniture
The maintenance of rattan furniture is equally important. For this purpose, it may be necessary to use various types of waxes, oils, as well as impregnants that care for rattan furniture. Information on which agent to choose can be obtained from the manufacturer. Impregnating agents help to protect the furniture against fading, dirt, moisture, or grease. In addition, they restore shine and make the colors of the furniture more intense. It is best to carry out such impregnation once a year. Before we do it, remember to carefully clean, dry, and degrease the furniture.

Monnarita store - unique rattan furniture
The Monnarita online store offers beautiful rattan furniture that will create a unique atmosphere in your room. Among them, you can find rattan armchairs, rattan loungers, as well as hanging rattan armchairs. However, let's not forget about how to properly care for rattan furniture, thanks to which we will be able to use them for many years and enjoy their beautiful appearance.