Pontederia crassipes (formerly Eichhornia crassipes), commonly known as common water hyacinth is an aquatic plant native to South America, naturalized throughout the world, and often invasive outside its native range. 

Water hyacinth invasion is one of the issues threatening Indonesian freshwater habitats. The plant reproduces fast and creates dense masses in water bodies such as swamps, lakes, rivers, and channels across Indonesia. Water hyacinth has several negative repercussions. The overgrown water hyacinth in the lake makes it difficult for fishermen to navigate their boats and fishing gear, resulting in fewer fish catches. The dense coverage of water hyacinth reduces soluble oxygen and hinders sunlight from entering the water, resulting in a fall in the fish population. Dead water hyacinths also cause environmental damage. They contribute to river silting, which increases the danger of floods.



Because we are aware of these environmental issues and care for the environment, we use this material to create distinctive and unique furniture&home accessories. By working together with the local community, it could be upscale. Water hyacinths, when properly controlled, may well be beneficial to both the environment and local economies. We aim to produce more water hyacinth base furniture to introduce it to the world and continue our pursuit of helping the natural environment and the local communities of Indonesia.