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Bring nature back with traditional craftsmanship of Rattan design with modern influences. Founded in the heart of Bali Monnarita, has been inspired by the classic history of furniture making within Indonesia. Rattan furniture is not only sustainable sourcing for furniture making durable with timeless features that appeal  to any atmosphere.

Rattan  has a long history within Indonesia of being one of the most eco-friendly and durable forms of material for furniture. Monnarita purpose is to create quality and unique  design from traditional technique  using modern designs. Returning to sustainable methods of furniture  design reduces the waste material in furnishing around the world.  The longevity  and modern design of Monnarita  using Rattan  technique gives any space an open  and updated clean  feel to any atmosphere. Staying innovative to create timeless pieces to bring to our customers.

All of our designs are handcrafted in Indonesia and exported to your homes, cafes, hotels and offices around the world. We take the utmost pride in  quality control and  productions meeting the client satisfaction. Exporting to Europe first Monnarita  will be taking the next steps to expand exporting to the United States.

If you have questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail, contact details can be found on the top of the page.