Delivery of our products are free on Polish territory through various courier companies. The choice of courier is conditioned by the size of the shipment.

Reception is possible after prior contact card at

ul.Chrobrego 4/3

Delivery time (including delivery) is from 2 to 14 working days - if the product is in stock. In other cases, the approximate time of delivery is indicated on the data sheet.

Shipping time depends on the availability of products in our warehouse and the chosen method of payment.

OBLIGATION verification of the consignment when receiving from the courier:

At the time of receipt of the consignment The buyer is obliged to check the consignment in the presence of the courier.

Before opening the package should acknowledge its delivery and check whether it has been damaged during transport.

To this end, please: see the package from the outside, then open the package and check if the ordered product is not visible from the outside defects or damage, check the completeness of supplied products and whether there are any mechanical products.

In case the consignment is delivered damaged, contains mechanical damage or is incompatible with the order, please write damage protocol in the presence of the courier. In this case the buyer should refuse to accept the damaged item.

The minutes should include the date and time of delivery, a precise description of any damage or possible product shortages. Additionally, the protocol is to accurately describe the state of packaging - for example, information such as dents, damage to the tape, tearing the packaging).

The protocol must be signed by the Buyer and Courier.

In the event of any deficiencies or defects in the product after driving away the courier should immediately contact the courier company at the number provided on the consignment arrival and request a representative of the carrier in order to transcribe the minutes.

About the situation, please immediately notify the shop by e-mail to the address