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BLACK FLOWER CHAIR - Monnarita - Handmade products



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Rattan Chair Flower is an alternative to the armchair-shaped models that can be found in stores. It differs from other models in shape and original form which makes it unique.

Rattan Chai Flower due to the combination of aesthetic and practical values, will be perfect both as an ornament and as a relaxation during everyday use. Attention is drawn to its subtle shape and interesting design.

Rattan chair Flower is hand-made from 100% natural rattan. The metal legs blend in perfectly with the whole, emphasizing the aesthetics and functionality of the form devoid of flashiness.


85 x 75cm

Material:  Natural Rattan, metal
Chair: Single
Comfortable backrest and seat
: Black
: Living room, kitchen, any room, gazebo, partially covered terrace, garden.

Rattan Chair Flower will be a beautiful element of garden equipment, terrace and balcony.

What's more, furniture manufacturers appreciated the values of rattan and began to introduce this material to their collections dedicated to interiors. It will perfectly complement any arrangement kept in a modern, classic, colonial or boho style.

Because the upcoming furniture trends are dominated by nature, rattan is the perfect solution for ecology lovers.

Properties and Maintenance

Rattan furniture is very durable and does not require special care.

Do not leave rattan furniture in the rain, also cannot be stored outside in winter,  natural rattan is sensitive to low temperatures - under its influence it may be deformed and cracked.

Rattan is considered the best natural product for woven furniture because it is very durable, which as a result is impossible to break, and at the same time does not deform.

It is characterized by exceptional resistance, mainly to mechanical damage, temperature or humidity, and extremely light. Therefore, rattan furniture is very durable and does not require special care.

Furniture can easily cherish cloth and mild detergent, or even without it.