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BRUNO LAMP - Monnarita - Handmade products



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Rattan lamps are definitely the hottest trend in recent months, which will stay in the interiors for longer, which will stay indoors for longer.

A large ceiling lamp is a unique addition to any interior.

The BRUNO lamp is hand-woven, from the highest quality natural rattan, a ceiling lamp made in two colors: natural and black

Our lamps, apart from their light function, also serve as a decorative element for interior decoration. Precision workmanship in combination with the original design, create a natural, unique element in many styles: Scandinavian, boho, retro, rustic or vintage. These lamps also can also break modern or classic minimalism.

Handmade makes each lamp unique.

The light, wide-woven pattern perfectly transmits light, diffusing it and creating aesthetic, amazing-looking shadows, introducing a three-dimensional effect to the rooms.

Purpose: bedroom or living room, dining room above the table.

Properties and Maintenance

Rattan furniture is very durable and does not require special care.

Do not leave rattan furniture in the rain, also cannot be stored outside in winter,  natural rattan is sensitive to low temperatures - under its influence it may be deformed and cracked.

Rattan is considered the best natural product for woven furniture because it is very durable, which as a result is impossible to break, and at the same time does not deform.

It is characterized by exceptional resistance, mainly to mechanical damage, temperature or humidity, and extremely light. Therefore, rattan furniture is very durable and does not require special care.

Furniture can easily cherish cloth and mild detergent, or even without it.