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Create the perfect memory for your children. Chair is designed to create a restful moments. Made only from the highest quality rattan from Indonesian crops. Due to the easy assembly with a rope, it allows kids to quickly change places. 


Stand available for purchase.


Dimension (inches):

W 33

H 33

D 23.5

Material: Natural Rattan
Chair: Single
Color: Honey
PurposeLiving room, bedroom, covered terrace, patio or garden.
Included: 2m x hanging rope on both sides
Application: Hanging chair indoors or outdoor

Return Policy: 14 days


  1. A swing chair is not a toy. Do not spin or swing in your swing chair, as failure and injury may result. 
  2. Regularly inspect all points of attachment or suspension for signs of wear. Discontinue use if unusual wear or fraying is evident. 
  3. Professional installation is required for this swing chair. Please note this product does not include a hanging stand or mounting hardware.

How to hang:

For safety the chair should be installed no more than 20 inches above the ground with 4.5 feet away from the walls. It should also maintain a minimum clearance of 30 inches from any obstacles.

We included everything you need to get started! Just drill a hole in your ceiling, insert the iron hooks, and hang the chair. Connect the rope. It can be hung just withing a few minutes!

Why should you buy rattan products?

Rattan contributes to the preservation of forest.
Rattan only grows among other trees in various forests across Africa, Asia, and Australia, which means it helps sustain forests around the world. While deforestation has declined significantly in the last few decades, we still lose about 13 million hectares of forest each year. Rattan also grows in floodplains that remain untapped, which helps to encourage the animal population and support much more.

-Elegant and modern design
-Strong and durable
-Supporting income for the local community in developing countries

Properties and Maintenance

Rattan furniture is very durable and does not require special care.

Do not leave rattan furniture in the rain, also cannot be stored outside in winter,  natural rattan is sensitive to low temperatures - under its influence it may be deformed and cracked.

Rattan is considered the best natural product for woven furniture because it is very durable, which as a result is impossible to break, and at the same time does not deform.

It is characterized by exceptional resistance, mainly to mechanical damage, temperature or humidity, and extremely light. Therefore, rattan furniture is very durable and does not require special care.

Furniture can easily cherish cloth and mild detergent, or even without it.