Rattan sofas

Rattan sofas give year-round genuine luxury boho-style to modern home, spa, hotel and indoor and outdoor spaces. They are the perfect addition to modern interiors and luxurious terraces. Our rattan products are sure to add texture and warmth, two appealing qualities for any space in your house.

The best natural material for weaving furniture is said to be rattan. Our handcrafted rattan couches stand out for their interesting design and great attention to detail. These are produced by experienced craftsmen from Indonesia.

Rattan couches have a reputation for durability, stability, and absence of distortion. Your indoor or outdoor environment will appear distinctive while still being comfortable with our sofas rattan patterns. Most likely, you'll find the effortless boho-style sofa you're looking for here.

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A Bit About MONNARITA Rattan

Rattan is the name of a kind of palm fiber. Beautiful indoor rattan sofas are made by weaving together natural rattan strands that are extracted from several types of palm trees. Rattan only grows among other trees in diverse forests throughout Africa, Asia, and Australia; as a result, it contributes to the global preservation of forests.

Moreover, rattan thrives in undeveloped floodplains, which supports the local animal population. Rattan is exceptionally lightweight and has great resilience, particularly to mechanical damage, temperature, or humidity.

Rattan sofas don’t need particular maintenance and are quite durable. Rattan is available in many natural hues and has a strong core.

Caring for your rattan furniture is easy. You only need to keep it out of extreme temperatures and wipe it down regularly with a damp cloth. When you purchase rattan sofas from MONNARITA, you are not aiding a huge international corporation. You are assisting the families of local Indonesian craftspeople dedicated to creating bespoke furniture.

Our Most Popular MONNARITA Rattan Sofas

Our selection of antique rattan couches comes in a range of hues and styles. A quick introduction to each of our most popular compositions is provided below. Before making a purchase, it is recommended you click on each particular product to learn more about its individual characteristics and to view additional images of it.

Tegal Sofa

The trendy Tegal couch in a dark honey or cognac hue will add a touch of relaxation and beauty to your house. It is a terrific option for any décor style because of the sleek, contemporary design and natural finish, which lends a touch of rustic appeal.

This sofa is a terrific option if you want to set up a snug reading corner or a relaxing space for friends and family. Natural rattan creates a distinctive appearance that is both stylish and eye-catching, and the comfortable cushioned pillow with a touch of linen guarantees that you unwind in luxury.

Isla Sofa

With a unique double-seated woven rattan design, Sofa Isla was painstakingly designed and made following the highest industry standards. This couch is the perfect statement piece for any environment or event and is available in a black or honey hue.

The Isla couch is ideal for the newest trends without sacrificing comfort thanks to its timeless aesthetics and contemporary design. It is a promotion for those who enjoy eco-friendly products. Its robust metal legs contrast nicely against the woven seat and backrest.

Fito Sofa

The Fito double sofa is a great place to relax. The Fito sofa is the ideal statement piece for any location or era, thanks to its unique rattan weaving. This sofa may be coupled with one of our MONNARITA designer coffee tables and is available in natural rattan honey color.

Add personality to any environment with the distinctive shape of the rattan-style seat and backrest and the slender metal legs. The sleek style fits any decor flawlessly and works especially well in minimalist settings.

For individuals who prefer switching up color palettes, this is a must-have item since you can create a completely new look by just switching out the cushions and throws.

Zorba Sofa

For those who appreciate comfort and wish to get away from plain and monotonous furniture in their homes, it is the perfect answer. The Zorba sofa's shape will add a sense of freshness and connection to nature. It is often considered to be a rattan sofa vintage item because of its box-shaped design.

The Zorba couch is a two-seater constructed of natural rattan fiber and is available in dark brown or natural honey. This pattern, which is built on a sturdy rattan framework, is frequently referred to as rattan mesh or raffia.

Get Great Rattan Sofas at MONNARITA

The days of only using rattan furniture outside are long gone. You may bridge the gap and arrange a vintage rattan couch in your summer room or enclosed porch to bring the outdoors in with this wonderful material added to your living room for a rustic, elegant look.

Our store offers bold vintage rattan couches in high-style designs. If you’re looking for a great deal on rattan furniture, why not consider ordering a set or mixing pieces and qualifying for our selected discounts?

With one of our luxurious, eye-catching, and fashionable sofa sets, you can be assured that your garden, bedroom, or living space will be turned into a more tranquil haven.