Lightness of products
No plastic
Only natural materials
Green with care for the environment

Lightness of products

No plastic

Only natural materials

Green with care for the environment




Water Hyacinth Vase - Boho Home Decor - Monnarita - handmade decorWater Hyacinth Vase - Boho Home Decor - Monnarita - handmade decor
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Eco Friendly Home Decor Stick - Boho Vase Decor - Monnarita - handmade decorEco Friendly Home Decor Stick - Boho Vase Decor - Monnarita - handmade decor
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At Monnarita, we prioritize reducing our carbon footprint. We've seleted a list of ecologically friendly zero waste methods that best honor Mother Earth. All-natural and locally sourced, remaining faithful to nature's heart. By using Fast growing renewalable source like Rattan, Bamboo, Coconut,Seagrass, and Banana leaf source from Bali.



Is rattan a sustainable material?

Rattan is an exceptionally sustainable wood, being the quickest developing tropical wood that renews in only 5 - 7 years.

Rattan furniture manufacturing is low tech, not requiring production facilities that pollute the environment.


Rattan furniture - Monnarita

Welcome to MONNARITA, the source of modern, eco-friendly, and sustainable furniture. Our current organic furniture styles are heavily influenced by nature and environmental awareness, with a focus on warm earth tones. We sell to both the public and sustainable furniture companies.

Everyone who wishes to connect with nature and create a distinctive interior, patio, or garden ambiance can use our items. We have natural furniture and natural home decor to suit any style, including couches, chairs, lamps, tables, mirrors, accessories, and sets are all available here. We also supply natural furniture for kids if you’re ever looking to rework your child’s room.

MONNARITA gives each place a distinctive style and blends seamlessly into hotels, restaurants, cafes, businesses, and homes. We go the extra mile to make sure that our goods live up to your demands and expectations.

Natural, Locally Derived, and Sustainable Rattan Furniture

Minimizing our carbon impact is a top priority for us at MONNARITA. And so, to accomplish this, we only use natural, locally derived materials in our goods to not only stay true to the natural feel of our eco-friendly furniture, but to reduce our impact on it, as well.

Rattan, water hyacinth, bamboo, coconut, seagrass, teak, and banana leaf are just a few of the materials we've chosen that best honor our pledge to both zero-waste techniques and Mother Nature.

At MONNARITA, we encourage the work of local artisans who fuse conventional techniques with cutting-edge design to produce aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, and comfortable furnishings and natural home decor.

We exclusively use artisans who are properly certified and use raw materials from respectable plantations. Our whole production process has been put through durability and lifespan testing to guarantee that not only are we creating eco-friendly furniture every time, but that our furniture is of the highest quality, as well.


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