Rattan home accessories

Regardless of your style, you should always look for sustainable home goods and accessories, because it is beneficial both for your health and the planet Earth. Here at MONNARITA, we offer timeless sustainable home accessories that will turn your home into a pleasant place to live in. Check out more of our handmade and unique sustainable home decor products!

What is Sustainable Home Decor?

Sustainable home decor is any decor that doesn’t do harm to the environment. They are also referred to as natural home decor accessories and organic home accessories. These sustainable home accessories are made of responsibly sourced wood, rattan, shells, water hyacinth, bamboo, seagrasses and more. Having them in your home makes your living space more nature-friendly.

These products are easy to recycle or reuse at the end of their lifespan. A good deal of furniture made of unnatural materials does more harm to nature than we’re aware of. Materials such as plastic break easily and they are hard to fix. Alternatively, rattan is proven to be the best natural material for furniture and sustainable home goods and accessories.

Rattan as a Symbol of Boho House Decor

At our site, you’ll find amazing boho accessories for home made of rattan. Rattan gives a natural look to your home, and it also leaves a touch of uniqueness in combination with other organic home accessories.

Boho house decor is also known as bohemian style, so don’t be confused when you come across bohemian accessories for home and even outdoor use. These items are versatile and lightweight and can easily be moved.

What are Boho Decor Must Haves

Adding home accessories made of rattan will give your home a more natural look. What makes MONNARITA’s products sustainable home goods and accessories is because they last a lifetime and are responsibly sourced. What’s more important is that they are handmade and feature unique organic home accessories.

Flower Stands

The cleansing effect of flowers and plants is enhanced if they’re placed in stands made of natural material. Here you can find rattan flower stands with different sizes and explanations about how to take care of them.


In addition to rattan flower stands, there are also rattan and water hyacinth vases of unique shape and size. Which vase you’ll choose depends on how much room you have. We have long vases that can be placed on the floor, especially in unused corners of a room.


Our pots are also made of terracotta ceramic, which is a type of clay. They are also available in many different sizes and shapes, and they are great natural home decor accessories. These pots perfectly match with rattan and water hyacinth furniture.

Decorative Sticks Made of Natural Plants

As it’s good to have plants and fresh flowers in our home, recently you can have sticks made of natural plants as decorations. They are great examples of boho accessories for home. Such plants that we use are usually bamboo, seagrass, and rayung grass.

These sticks are a great combination with rattan and water hyacinth vases. Having them around your home will leave a touch of boho house decor. In addition to vases, these plants can be transformed into unique wall decorations, as well.

Trays and Plates

Our trays are made of water hyacinth plant, which makes them strong and durable for carrying a lot of things. Also, our woven plates can be used as wall decoration or as a bowl for storing fruits and vegetables.

Chairs, Benches and Tables

Our chairs are made of rattan and water hyacinth. Some of our chairs are foldable and light, which makes them easy to carry all the way to the beach. Also, we offer chairs in unique but functional shapes that give the touch of boho house decor.

Our tables perfectly match with our rattan and water hyacinth chairs. They come in different sizes and shapes, but they are functional, and easy to maintain. You won’t make a mistake by choosing our chairs, benches and tables as natural home accessories.


Our baskets are also made of rattan and water hyacinth plants, which make them durable and resistant, and can be used for various purposes. You can just leave it empty somewhere in a room, and it will function as sustainable home goods and accessories.

Bamboo Lamp

Bamboo lamps are quite great organic home accessories. They are functional and give your home a natural look. They come in different sizes and shapes, but they’re all functional and safe to use.

Other Products

MONNARITA offers other eco-friendly products, made of wood, rattan, and all above-mentioned materials. There are carpets, mirrors, various ornaments, candle and newspaper holders, various wall boho house decor accessories, and more.

Always Choose Sustainable Home Decor

At MONNARITA, we make sure to create sustainable home decor accessories. Our products are made out of nature and for nature. They are reasonably priced, but they last a lifetime. Bring a bit of nature indoors with one of these beautifully crafted pieces.