Rattan lamps

Rattan has developed significantly during the past ten years. What was hitherto only associated with outside décor has legitimately moved indoors. 100% natural rattan is quickly becoming the material of choice in the latest design trends.

It’s being used to make anything from chairs and coffee tables to nightstands and headboards. While most people associate rattan with chairs and baskets, this 100% natural material is also frequently used in lighting, with rattan floor lamps being one of the most popular options alongside rattan ceiling lamps.

If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch to tie in your natural decor, then you’ve come to the right place. At MONNARITA, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality products at competitive prices.

At MONNARITA, our lamps are all made with completely natural materials and contain no plastic at all. They are predominantly rattan, but we also use other natural products like bamboo and seagrass. Here, you will find natural rattan lamps in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

The MONNARITA Collection of Rattan Lamps

We use 100% natural products because they are environmentally friendly, sustainable, lightweight, and durable. Have a look at the many natural rattan floor lamps that we have to offer and find the perfect accent for your bedroom, living room, outdoor entertainment area, or bathroom. These are some of our most popular rattan lamp products.


The Rollo rattan lamps come in three sizes and are handcrafted by local Indonesian artisans. They are light brown and will complement any interior. The unique shape of this lamp is what makes it so popular and versatile.

These small rattan lamps can be set on tables as centerpieces. Consider hanging the medium-sized Rollo lamps as a cluster feature. The larger Rollo lamps could be the perfect addition to a minimalist-styled room.


Our Bruno lamps have a round design that compliments any lighting scheme. They resemble a tropical-style shape and have a handle on top for easy hanging. Bruno lamps are suitable for medium to large indoor or outdoor (covered) areas.

These light brown rattan lamps are perfect for most decor styles from classic and modern to bohemian and seaside themes.


The Cezar is black and comes in different sizes. As the name suggests, they are made with strong rattan that is handwoven into an elegant oval tropical design. They can serve as bedside lamps or ceiling lamps and we recommend pairing them with a natural brown rattan lamp base.

These lamps would suit outdoor, medium, and large areas due to the spaces between the weaves that allow for maximum light exposure. They are lightweight enough to place almost anywhere and their sleek black design will match any decor style. Consider using these lamps in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, outdoor patio areas, or living room.

Wafa Bamboo

The Wafa Bamboo lamps are a picture of elegance. They are natural honey color, yet multi-toned thanks to the beautiful bamboo grains that show through because they are handwoven.

These round ceiling lamps resemble upside-down bowls. They would look perfect in any kitchen. Wafa Bamboo lamps come in one size and are extremely sturdy. They are sleek, seductive, and offer a modern flair.

The Wafa Bamboo lamp would look great above any table or in a row across any ceiling. A natural, distinctive aspect in various designs is produced by the original design and the quality of the craftsmanship.


You can enhance any atmosphere or living space with these breathtaking white and light brown rattan floor lamps. This floor or table lamp is expertly crafted from seagrass in a natural tone and comes with a U-shaped white terracotta that serves as your rattan lamp base, giving you a striking and distinctive addition to your home.

A medium to a large-sized room will have adequate lighting thanks to our Mahalo lights. As a bedside lamp, this device is well-liked. However, because of its ornamental component, it may be used as interior décor in any space.

A natural, distinctive aspect in various designs is produced by the original design and the accuracy of the execution. Each lamp is distinctive since they are handcrafted.

Which Rattan Lamp Size Should You Purchase?

Think about the size of the space where the rattan lamp will be placed and how many lamps you want to use there. Then consider what function your lamps will serve. Are they the only source of light? Are they purely for decorative purposes? Are they intended to be statement pieces?

At MONNARITA, most of our lamps come in various sizes, so you could use our rattan lamps for any of these purposes. If the lamp is floor-standing or meant to be a feature in the room, consider a larger option.

If it's the main source of light, consider combining several small rattan lamps or medium options arranged either in a line or sporadically throughout the room. The nice thing about rattan lamps is that they never go out of style and that’s why we make sure that our lamps are of the highest quality and are made to last.