Styl ekologiczny we wnętrzach - co to znaczy?


Ecological style is a sign of our times. In the 21st century, the world is maximizing its efforts to reduce plastic consumption, reuse products, and minimize its carbon footprint. Simplicity, naturalness and economy are the most important features of the eco style, and in the interiors of our homes as well. What is ecological style? How to arrange a practical eco-style apartment? Read our article and get some inspiration!


Ecology is all connections and dependencies between organisms and their environment. Culture knows the eco style primarily as caring for the Earth and its resources. The times when plastic was attractive are coming to an end. Today, most people want to be close to nature, use planet-neutral products, and give a second life to furniture or clothes. Eco-style interiors are also DIY, i.e. making accessories and decorations yourself. The ecological style focuses on hand-made goods, which someone has devoted time to put a lot of effort into it. It is not only a temporary fashion - it is primarily a product that works with a soul, not just another identical product coming off the production line.



Due to the close relationship between the ecological style and nature, neutral and cosy colors prevail here. It's called the Earth color palette - pastel colors, delicate shades. We can find here primarily beiges, whites and grays, which give the interior harmony and make it easy to rest and spend time in them. However, this does not mean that such an interior will be bland. Eco-style apartments can be painted in modern colors: saturated green, energetic yellow or deep brown.



Natural home decor is primarily materials that are close to nature. In the eco-style living room, you will find linen curtains and tablecloths. Cotton, well-known to all, is also often used. The natural interior design is dominated by wood. The charm of the slightly creaking floor on a Sunday morning under bare feet is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about an ecological style in the interior. Equipment and accessories are also made of natural materials. Rattan, bamboo, or wicker are used for ecological furniture, while natural accessories are made of coconut or water hyacinth.



To call a piece of furniture ecological, it is worth paying attention to something more than its design. First of all, the material of manufacture - is necessarily from naturally occurring raw materials, without the addition of plastics. Natural rattan furniture has become very popular, and it looks impressive. However, it requires proper care. People often confuse natural with synthetic rattan, and it can result in improper use. Rattan armchairs are perfect for an eco-style living room and outdoor area. Due to their sensitivity to moisture and low temperatures, they should be hidden from pouring rain and snow if you place them outdoors. When choosing ecological furniture for the home or office, it is worth paying attention to whether locals were supported in the production of items, the carbon footprint was minimized, and the principles of fair trade were applied. In addition, natural furniture is manufactured by using environmentally friendly adhesives, varnishes, and paints.



When choosing natural accessories for your home, you should remember the basic principle of ecological style, i.e. minimalism and simplicity. It is better to focus on high-quality decorations, not on their quantity. The choice of natural home accessories is enormous - from posters, through plants or carpets, to small accessories. In eco-style interiors, the walls are usually decorated with posters with botanical patterns or those depicting natural landscapes. Green plants will perfectly enliven the interior, not only in terms of color but also purify the air. To enhance the effect, they can be placed in rattan flowerbeds. Visually, dry grass has been a hit in recent years - it is the choice of people who do not have a hand for flowers. However, this solution will not be suitable for everyone - allergy sufferers must be careful, because grass itself is an allergen, and dry grass also accumulates dust. Recently, carpets are gaining popularity - ecological ones can be made, for example, of coconut fibres. Small accessories such as wicker baskets, water hyacinth pads and jute runners will also add an aacent to an eco-style apartment.



The ecological style in the interior of the house or office is not only a visual aspect that is supposed to give the effect of naturalness. It is primarily a selection of unique eco-style products - by hand, without use of environmentally hazardous substances and with a neutral carbon footprint. More and more companies offer ecological products that can be found on the market. When designing the space in which we will spend our free time, it is worth making such a choice.