Taras w stylu boho - jak go urządzić?


A boho-style terrace is an original arrangement solution that will create a unique atmosphere. The term boho comes from bohemia - an artistic bohemia who led a liberated lifestyle, guided by their own beliefs. In today's article, you will find inspiration on how to decorate a terrace in a boho style. We present what is worth paying attention to when arranging a space in this way - what furniture, decorations, and lighting to choose from.



When choosing furniture for a boho-style terrace, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made, and its purpose. Rattan furniture is a great solution - beautiful, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Rattan is a natural material that looks stylish and goes well with other furnishings.

Contemporary rattan armchairs have comfortable seats in various unique shapes. Rattan loungers are perfect for sunbathing or an afternoon nap. Hanging rattan armchairs are also very popular. After all, nothing relaxes like gentle rocking! You can have a look at them in the Monnarita store on our website. We also offer ready-made rattan sets, e.g. armchairs with a table on which you can put a cup of coffee or a bowl of fruit.



When arranging a boho-style terrace, you should think about accessories which will emphasize its unique decor. Boho-style decorations include woven baskets and flower beds in which the plants will look stylish. Remember that vegetation is an important element when we arrange the surroundings in the boho style. In combination with materials such as rattan or wood, we will create an extraordinary place referring to nature, that will make us perfectly relaxed.

When it comes to accessories for a terrace in the boho way, it is also worth reaching for a beautiful macrame, giving the space an artistic expression. On the other hand, rattan furniture can be covered with comfortable fringed pillows. Original stone sculptures are also an alluring solution. Here a lot depends on our imagination and vision of the terrace - in the Monnarita store, we offer a wide selection of unique accessories, so it is worth getting acquainted with our offer.



If you are going to introduce the boho style on the terrace in front of the house, do not forget about lighting. Lanterns and candles will subtly brighten the space, and your terrace will become magical after dark. Lanterns and candlesticks made of rattan or wicker are a good solution. It will allow you to create a space that will look extremely effective. As a result of it, spending time on the terrace in the evening alone with a book, a glass of wine or with friends will be even more enjoyable.



Arranging the terrace in a cosy and functional way is not a simple task. When deciding on an arrangement in the boho style, it is worth reaching for furniture, accessories, and decorations referring to nature, and let's not forget about the plants themselves. The Monnarita store offers products that are perfect for arranging a boho-style terrace. They are not only look beautiful but are also very practical - durable, easy to clean, and for everyday use.

When planning your space, we should take care of every detail - we invite you to use the tips we have included in the article. More and more people decide to arrange a garden terrace in a boho style because it brings to mind a holiday atmosphere. It is worth creating a place where you will relax and enjoy the rest after a hard day.