Modne kolory mieszkań - co teraz jest w trendzie?


Do the colors in your apartment need refreshing? Do you need changes and you don't know what to bet on? Interior designers confirm - the fashionable colors of the walls in 2022 open up numerous possibilities for us. Among the current trends, everyone will find something for themselves. If you are not sure what changes to introduce in your interior, we will tell you how to decorate the room fashionably. In the further part of the post, you will also learn how to combine modern wall colors with furniture and how to match them with minimalist decorations.



The last few months meant that probably everyone felt the need for a longer rest. This year's most fashionable wall colors meet our requirements. We will find our peace of mind among the natural shades of green and blue, and the whole will be complemented by subdued creams and beige. There will also be stronger elements. The fashionable colors of paints for the room are also intense reds and yellows.

Color trends are created every year by the Pantone Institute. This world-famous organisation has developed its own color palette as a generally accepted source of knowledge about colors. So if you are wondering how to decorate the walls in a room, it is worth starting your search for paint by familiarising yourself with the proposal they have prepared. This year's fashionable room paints are a combination of intense purple with a hint of red and blue. The color called Very Peri will make many, even the most demanding, interior more attractive. Classic rattan furniture will look perfect against the background of an intense wall.



The fashionable colors of the apartments allow you to create a truly eye-catching interior. Regardless of whether we are closer to natural earth tones or intense colors, rattan furniture sets will always be a good choice in such interiors. Fashionable walls in the living room are just a prelude. If we decide to focus on bright colors, and our walls are mostly white and beige, it is worth breaking them with accessories. In order to avoid monotony and at the same time optically enlarge the interior, rattan mirrors can be placed on one of the walls, which will "domesticate" the room. To maintain the integrity of the interior, additional elements that we put on during the arrangement may be rattan tables or lamps made of the same material.

Fashionable wall colors are half of our interior success. Before starting to paint, we need to think about whether a given color should be placed only on one of the sides or on several. While in the case of subdued blue or delicate green the effect will not be overwhelming, intense purple or reds can dominate the entire interior. If we want a dark color - it should hit one or at most two of the walls. Long and narrow rooms can be corrected by applying a darker color to the short sides. If we want to increase the height optically, it is worth leaving a several dozen centimeters strips in the light color of the ceiling on each of the walls.

A uniform background is a perfect scenery for displaying a rattan sofa in a classic version. An interesting solution introducing a boho note into the room will be hanging rattan armchairs. This non-standard solution will give the interior lightness and freedom, which will facilitate effective rest. Simple accessories in gold or black will add style to our living room, and bright ones will weave a bit of an idyllic atmosphere



When creating your own home space, let's first follow your preferences. The interiors are to enable us to have a pleasant work and carefree rest. We do not have to limit ourselves to changes to one main room. The fashionable colors of the walls in the kitchen, bathroom or youth room are aimed at creating a coherent, pleasant environment. Even if the popular colors of the walls do not always seem appropriate to us, it is worth looking at them from a broader perspective, already enriched with furniture and accessories.