Meble rattanowe – dlaczego warto je wybrać?


Rattan furniture is becoming more and more popular. Why? It has lots of advantages that make many people decide to buy it. The furniture is made of raw material obtained from exotic palm trees - known as Indian cane or rattan - found mainly in tropical forests of Asia. An interesting fact: the first mention of rattan furniture came from ancient Egypt and Rome.



One of the best advantages of rattan furniture is it's very light, and comfortable. In addition, it's universal because it creates an excellent and pleasing arrangement of any interior. Until recently, it was the major decor element for English apartments and was the basis of the colonial style, but now it's triumphant all over the world. How does it stand out? It's flexible and blends well with glass. In addition, it retains its original color (the material can also be tinted). Listing its advantages material's weight should not be overlooked. Because it's light, it's perfect for frequent rearrangements and quick changes in the interior design of both the home and the terrace.



There is no secret that until recently, rattan was associated primarily with garden furniture or those dedicated to the terrace: armchairs, deckchairs, or sofas. However, it is also increasingly used as an element of a home arrangement. It is used to create, for example, baskets or trunks, which are tasteful decorations for a living room, bedroom, and children's room. Besides, it can be used as a lighting decoration. The hanging lamp made of rattan fits perfectly into an interior decorated in a boho or rustic style, thanks to that, the room - in a quick way - gains a cosy atmosphere, and takes on a stylish character at the same time. In addition, rattan is used for weaving trays, pot covers, washers for plates, and mirror frames. Interestingly, thick rattan is used to make sticks for percussion instruments.


Home furniture such as a round table, or a rattan armchair, is an ecological choice that is a tribute to the nature, and thus to the surrounding environment. In addition - it cannot be omitted - models made of rattan are unique and unique in appearance. Their excellent quality (original structure and form) makes them look great in both classic and modern interiors. Anyway, they are used not only indoors but also on terraces. The most popular equipment made of rattan includes sofas, deckchairs, and lamps, which are available in our extensive range.

Recently, the focus is not only on single accessories made of rattan, but also on high-quality, multi-element equipment sets. A set of rattan furniture is a fashionable and aesthetic solution. In addition, it provides high comfort of use - armchairs, sofas or deckchairs made of this material fulfil a leisure function. You can rest on them, read your favourite book, take a nap, or just watch TV.

Rattan furniture has a lot of advantages, one of them is the possibility of creating many stylish arrangements of various characters: boho, tropical or minimalist. Natural rattan characterized by high flexibility and elasticity, furniture made of it guarantees maximum comfort of use.