Jak urządzić salon w stylu boho?

Do you appreciate the original interior design and wonder how to arrange a boho style living room? We will tell you what elements should be taken care of. This arrangement is light, quite casual and evokes associations of warm, sunny days. It is known in Australia and the United States, now it is also gaining more and more popularity in Europe. It is a combination of natural materials and colors, ethnic motifs, as well as a distinctive design. It harmoniously binds together various elements.

Boho colors
The color palette of the boho style is very diverse. They can be selected on the basis of tonal approximation, or on the contrary - combine subdued, subdued shades with those with an energising stitch. The space is often dominated by intense, darker earth tones, referring to natural motifs. Strong greens convey the beauty of the wild jungle, evoke the thought of acacia buds that bloom in summer, or imitate the nobility of an emerald. Warm browns and gentle grays can be broken with turquoise or blue inspired by the depth of the ocean, and cheerful yellows in opposition to the charming tones of lavender or heather.

What colors are the most typical for the boho style? There are quite a lot of them - white, beige, brown, gray and their various shades. The colors are reminiscent of nature. Usually they are used by people who plan their interior in a minimalist and scandi boho style. When inspired by ethnic aesthetics, we are dealing with sage, olive, maroon, chestnut, straw yellow and mustard colors. Colors can be both the base and accents in the room. A boho-style living room looks great with natural elements such as wood, brick, leather or stones. Antiques or various rustic decorations also fit in perfectly.

Fabrics and materials in the style of boho
The boho style in the living room gives the room warmth and coziness due to the large number of materials. We are talking about fabrics such as pillows, curtains, bedspreads or carpets. It is good to use natural materials - linen, jute, wool, cotton. We can easily mix different styles and adjust them to our taste.

An interesting inspiration when it comes to the boho style in the living room will be ethnic patterns, typical of the Oriental, Arab and African cultures. You can also use local folk patterns - Kashubian and Łowicz flowers embroidery. Some add them as elements, others treat them as the main theme in the interior.

Rattan furniture for the living room
If you are wondering how to decorate a boho style living room, you shouldn't forget about the furniture. An interesting solution is rattan furniture with light and openwork structures. It is the equipment that allows you to create a relaxing atmosphere in the interior. The Monnarita store offers original rattan furniture for the living room in a boho style, such as:

  • rattan armchairs;
  • rattan tables;
  • hanging rattan armchairs.

Such equipment will allow you to introduce a truly holiday atmosphere to the rooms. These are hand-made furniture, distinguished by an interesting design and high durability. At Monnarita, you can also order rattan loungers, which are perfect for relaxing on the terrace.

Boho accessories for the living room
Various accessories complement the arrangement of a boho style living room. Usually it is handicrafts as well as everyday items. The Monnarita store offers original boho-style decorations - beautiful macramé, baskets, lamps, pillows and much more. Thanks to them, we are able to emphasise the unique design of our interior. It's also a good idea to decorate the walls with travel souvenirs as they will evoke positive memories. It is worth placing on the shelves figurines made of stone, wood or clay, candlesticks and bowls. Here it all depends on the creativity of the person arranging the space.

A boho-style living room is rich in various types of flora. These are potted plants, cut flowers or dried wildflowers. Woven or clay vases will work very well with them. Exotic plants - monsters, palms or ficuses will be an interesting solution. Let's remember about the beneficial effect of greenery in our surroundings, which improves air quality and has a very good effect on mental well-being. People who do not like flower care can choose dried decorations or moss paintings.

Create your dream space
We hope you found our article helpful if you were wondering how to decorate a boho style living room. Appropriate colors, stylish fabrics, tasteful rattan furniture and vegetation are elements that cannot be missing in this type of interior. Creating a comfortable and aesthetic space is possible if we choose the equipment in a thoughtful way. It is worth reaching for products from proven stores that guarantee durability and functionality. Thanks to this, we will plan an interior in which we will feel good and we will impress our guests.