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Cramped bathrooms are a standard that we got used to. They are common and extremely difficult to arrange. If you are wondering how to decorate a small bathroom, we are in a hurry to help! Because although renovations are the bane of many people, know that even small spaces can be arranged in an elegant, modern and spacious way.

Read this article to see some tips that we have prepared for you.



If you dream of a spacious bathroom where you can fit the most necessary things, we have good news for you.

          Above all:

  • You don't have to give up nice decor! It is ultimately up to you to decide on the quality of the selected materials and the nature of your interior. Even a small one can be beautiful.
  • You can still make your decorative dreams come true. It's a fact the way of storing textiles, cosmetics, and detergents can be problematic. Especially when our space options are limited, however, if you want to maintain functionality, while opting for timeless and fashionable solutions, think outside the box. Natural accessories can fit perfectly in your bathroom.
  • Despite the smaller size, your bathroom space can remain functional and comfortable. In the following paragraphs, we suggest what solutions work well in small interiors. There are quite a few of them. Maybe you will like one of them?
  • On the market, you will find lots of items, furniture and fittings that perfectly match small interiors. The choice is huge! You will find corner sinks, small washing machines, cabinets, fixtures, etc.


Even if your bathroom is small, there are several ways optically make it bigger. How? 



You don't know how to arrange a small bathroom in a block of flats? Start by identifying the color gamut. Usually, when we think about small interiors, we choose light walls and white floors. This choice makes the interior appear larger. That's true. It is worth avoiding dark colors because they can optically reduce the room. However, that doesn't mean you have to give them up entirely! If you go for a darker color accent, you will make an excellent decision. It is not true that bathrooms have to be kept in one shade. Such a contrast insertion will be perfect in the bathroom. It can be wood, another material or color. Nobody said the interior has to be bland. In addition, it is worth adding an accent to accessories or textiles. Don't be afraid to experiment!

The tiles don't have to be small either! It's a myth that hurts many interiors. Of course, it will be difficult for you to place the largest size glaze, but do not emphasize the small size of the room with the selection of tiny tiles. Otherwise, a large number of joints will overwhelm the entire space. Allow yourself a bit of madness.

Mirrors are also a significantly important element of the decor. If you place them in the right place you will see a phenomenal effect. They will not only reflect light but also optically enlarge a small space. You can place large mirrors in a small area , especially in the bathroom.



Everyone who has ever arranged an apartment at least once knows that good lighting is essential. When choosing the perfect set, functionality and atmosphere count. Most interiors of this type are not only cramped but most often do not have windows. To know how to arrange a small bathroom in a block of flats without a window, you should follow a few rules.

First of all, remember that your bathroom needs a light point that will be very bright. Why? Imagine that you want to find a piece of jewellery or you want to clean it well. Without overhead lighting, it will be simply difficult. However - since your space is small and you want to emphasize its character, you can decide to buy a lamp or a chandelier. This small element will make your bathroom stylish and modern. After all, it is not only plafonds and halogen lamps that work in such an interior.

Don't forget to place more delicate, climatic points of light. They will make the room cosy and atmospheric.



    Stylish decorations are crucial for any interior. Regardless you want your bathroom to be more modern, classic, or avant-garde, they are the accessories that will make it look the way you want. You have to specify what style you want to get. Then, consistently choose accessories and textiles that will emphasize your choice.

    Have you noticed that in small bathrooms, excess items look simply unsightly? If you place your favorite eco cosmetics, perfume, or face care products on top of shelves, they might look messy. However, you can pour some of the products into identical bottles - such a mouse will unify the interior, giving it a coherent character. Simple, is it?



    Everyone wants to know how to arrange a small bathroom. There are lots of solutions and ideas. Some people think about the choice of equipment, while others consider the selection of accessories and lighting as key. The issue of the shower tray and bathtub is also problematic. It is often difficult for some to choose a wash basin. Although small is beautiful, sometimes it is also troublesome.

    For the interior to meet our expectations, it must first be specified. Before you finally decide on a style or accessories, think about what functions your bathroom should fulfil. Perhaps you can move the washing machine to the kitchen or hall? Sometimes a large washbasin can replace a bowl, and the space next to the bathtub will be perfect as an additional cabinet for storing detergents. And although small bathrooms are a standard, know that thanks to clever patents, they can be functional and beautiful. We are curious about which of our ideas you like!


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