Supporting Local businesses has always been the goal for Monnarita since 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. Everyone knows  Bali to be the island of god with luxury resorts, popular beaches and magnificent  temples but behind  all these famous establishments a secret remains. The long standing craftsmanship of the local people passed down from generations, built the last. Amused by the sustainable factor, and durability of the craftsmanship of the Indonesian people. 

During the pandemic the need to support local communities became increasingly important to help families in need continue to support themselves through their trade and continue to spread beautiful design across the world.

At Monnarita, it’s our duty to spread timeless craftsmanship and culture by supporting local artisan. We work together to create the market of tomorrow in furniture. Always evolving while integrating the culture that habits through the villages of Indonesia, we will always find ways to give back not only to the community, but the natural ecosystem of Indonesia, that plays heavily to the balance of the earth climate. We are proud to say we are a zero waste eco friendly company that continues supporting local enterprises in small communities.